General Features

Even though our firm offers many articles of our own production we have always actively worked for other companies, planning and manufacturing various types of tooling and moulding the most varied details and components. All of the above was possible thanks to the great professional potential developed for each area of interest:

Design and Realization

For the design, realization and maintenance of moulds and other tools and machines we can rely upon a workshop fully equipped with numeric control (CAD/CAM) electro-erosion work-stations, milling machines, lathes, and grinding machines. On completion of the design and realization phases, the various productions are sent to the moulding, welding, assembly and testing departments.

Heat-Hardened Materials
The current machinery base for moulding of heat-hardened materials includes moulding presses, pre-plasticizers and gasket-bonding ovens. As of today the current production unit, located outside the manufacturing plant, works for the automotive, household products and electromechanical industry.

Thermoplastic Products
For the moulding of these material the production department can now rely upon a solid and versatile machinery base with moulding presses up to 500 tons, bi-component presses, hot plate and ultrasound welding machines, plus various auxiliary tools. As of today our production spans from the motorcycling sector to the electromechanical industry, taps and fittings and car manufacturing, scuba diving, household products and thermo-ventilation systems.

Household Products
The production of melamine table- and kitchenware enables our firm to diversify the technical research and apply the know-how gained so far in this sector through the study, creation and design of decorations specifically dedicated to the home and the community.