Company’s Background
Sampa - Manifold Box

Established in 1939 as a plant for the production of moulded plastic materials, Sampa has experienced through the years all the evolutionary stages of these technologies.
Located in Cavallirio – Novara – the firm started its development within this sector with the manufacturing of bakelite products, and through continuous research and innovation in the '60s it was able to expand its production to include the processing of traditional thermoplastic materials and modern compounds.
Sampa’s productive activities span through more and more diversified industrial sectors such as the mechanic compartment, car manufacturing, hydraulics, all the way up to design.
One of Sampa’s outstanding products is the modular built-in box, a very important hydraulic component, but through the years the firm has had the privilege of realizing for well-known architects and designers various important items which are currently exposed at the Museum of Modern Art of New York and the Centre Pompidou of Paris.
Sampa stands out for its flexibility and autonomy thanks to a continuous updating on new materials, such as planning and design of the moulds required for the production of bi-component products, and the top performance of its presses, able to mould items of different dimensions and materials.
Always alert to the market demand the firm also stands out for the handling of just in time products, specifically produced for the automotive and motorcycling industry.